Acceptance and Submission of Bets:

1. Bets are only accepted if submitted before the matches commence

2. If matches commence prior to the time published by the company, the coupons submitted prior to the start time will be accepted.

3. Single bets that are submitted after the start of the match will be refunded. Where bets are a combination bet, the commenced match will be deleted from the coupon and the remainder of the matches will be accepted.

4. In order for the bet to be valid, the writing on the coupon (paper) for the codes or names must be clear and readable.

5. Submitted bets will not be refunded.

6. The customer is responsible to confirm all the details of the bet prior to submission and approval. Confirmed bets cannot be cancelled or amended.

7. All bets rates can be subject to change. Earnings of the bet will be calculated using the rates of the company at the time of submission.

8. Out of the bets presented by the company, if any of the terms. Players or participant of a match is incorrect. The bets will be cancelled.

9. The maximum payout by the company is 300.000 GHC.

10. In order for the bets to be valid that are made via branch offices. The writing and codes of matches must be clear and readable.

11. The customer is liable and must check the coupon printed by the computer. Where a mistake or incorrect entry is made by the bet office personal, the customer can request the change to be made within 10minutes of receipt. Under no circumstances can changes be made after 10minutes or once the match commences.

12. Payment to the winning coupon will only be made once the customer presents the coupon to the branch office where the bet was made. Even if the customer loses the coupon; payment will be made to the person presenting the coupon.

13. Winning coupons must be collected within 1 week. After this period the customer will lose the right to receive payment.

14. You can’t withdraw money from your account unless you turn it round by placing bets 20% of your deposit. You just can’t deposit and withdraw without betting.

Football Betting Rules

90minutes terms: The terms will be used throughout the explanation of Football Rules. refers to the duration of the match and the stoppage times within this duration.

45 o the minutes Terms: terms will be used throughout the explanation of Football Rules: refers to the first half duration of the match and the stoppage times within this duration.

Home Team: the home team is the first team written for the match.

Away Team: the away team is the second team written for the match. The line-up of Home & Away teams may differ for matches played on natural grounds.

1. A match and score are considered invalid where a match is postponed for any reason and is not played during the same day.

2. If the first half of the match is completed but gets postponed. discontinued. Or cancelled the valid Betting options:

a. First Half Bets.

b. First Half Double Chance Bets.

c. First Half Goals Under/ Goals Over Bets.

d. First Half Single/ Double Bets.

e. If the first goal is scored the player/team scoring the first goal bets. If the second and third goals are scored then the player/team scoring the goal bets and all other bets relating to the first half. For more detailed information & assistance please contact customer services.

3. If a match is not played at the given date of the relevant federation and is cancelled before it is commenced then match and bets become valid. Under Uncertain and unspecified situation. The company reserves the right to make decisions and publish these with their communication media.

4. Where the location of the match is change (Home team to Away team or visa –versa) all bets for the match will be considered invalid.

5. If match is arranged to be played on a neutral ground but is changed. The best will still be valid. However. The company reserves the right to change or amend the rates.

6. Football bets are played for 90 minutes (plus stoppage time). Extra –time. Golden Goals and end of match penalty shoot –out are not part of the match/score unless otherwise stated.

7. If a team withdraws from a match and the match is not played as a result prior to it commencing then whole bet is deemed void.

8. If the game postponned , abondoned or cancel and will not play in next 24 hours , all bets will be cancel.

9. Fantasy leagues simply means an imaginary league which matches depends on the results of two real league matches for a possible winning . The results between the two real league matches will determine the final result (regular time) for the one fantasy league match depending on the number of goals. Real league matches cannot be accumulated with fantasy league matches.

Other Sports

1. Basketball - All markets (included Fantasy Leagues) are considered with possible overtime unless otherwise stated in the particular market.

2. Icehockey - All markets (included Fantasy Leagues) are considered for regular time only (without overtime) unless otherwise stated in the particular market.

3. Tennis - In case of walkover or retirement of any player all undecided bets will be cancelled.

4. American Football - All markets are considered for regular time only (without overtime) unless otherwise stated in the particular market.

5. Baseball - Possible extra innings are not considered in any market unless otherwise stated.

6. Handball - All markets (except Who scores the Xth point and Which team will win race to X points) are considered for regular time only (without overtime).

General Rules & Condition:

1. In any dispute . request/requirement will be resolved using the transaction log database. This is hereby mutually accepted by yourselves and safaribet.

2. For those who have more than one account. We reserve the right to close the order account in order to limit our liabilities. The funds at the closed account will be transferred to the more active of the customer account.

3. After 4 weeks of any transaction. No request/requirement or dispute will be taken into consideration.

4. If betting shop customer does not receive his winning within 1 week after it is resolved the coupon is considered as lost.

5. Before the start of a match, changes in odds wether increased or reduced which have been caused by a software problem will be announced in all our shops and corrected.

6. Bonuses are sales promotion of SAFARIBET : Safaribet Bonus odds are subjected to changes at any given time by management without prior notice. New Bonus Rules : 2 games 5% Bonus, 3-4 games 10%, 5-10 games 15%, 11-16 games 20%, 17-20 games 25%, 21-23 games 30%, 24-26 games 35%, 27-31 games 40%, 32-35 games 45% Bonus. Minimum odds limit of 1.20 per every selection applies for betslips with up to 10 matches. There is no minimum odds limit for betslips with 11 or more matches. Maximum bonus 25.000GH.

7. Bank - Mobile and Web Deposit will be transfer in 3 working days.

8-Where possible, all withdrawals will be processed to the payment account from which the deposits were made. Withdrawal payments can only be made in the name of and to the registered account holder.

9-There is no set maximum withdrawal amount per day but withdrawal request for amounts greater than 50,000 GH or currency equivalent may require additional arrangements.If winning wagers up to 50,000 GH, SafariBet reserve the right to investigate that wagers and will be paid in maximum one month.All winning wagers amount greater than 50,000 GH , withdrawal payments can only be made in the SafariBet Head Office in Accra / Ghana .

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